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Welcome to US Nationwide Sign-up and Registration.

Thank you for choosing US Nationwide as your 21st century telecommunications provider. If you have any questions during the signup process, our 24 hour support staff are available to help you.


Welcome to US Nationwide Sign-up and Registration Page.

You can sign up for any or all of the US Nationwide services below in one of two ways:

  1. Online: Simply click the "Sign Up" link for the appropriate service; or

  2. Telephone: If you would prefer having one of our friendly support technicians help you, they are available by dialing (877) 769-6961 24 Hours-A-Day, 7 Days-A-Week, 365 Days-A-Year. The same knowledgeable people who will help you if you have a technical problem in the future will sign you up.

To sign up, you will need a credit, debit or check card with the logo of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.  Recurring charges you authorize will be billed to your selected card.

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Digital Voice Telephone Service
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